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Devil Wont Make Your Band Good

by Speaker For The Dead

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released 01 April 2011



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Speaker For The Dead Worcester, Massachusetts

SFTD is a 1-20 piece circus brass folk punk and poetry ensemble with members ranging from all across the country but centering around Worcester, MA. We try our best to only play free or donations based, all ages shows (but fail, sometimes). We love playing music, and you are probably in the band too and don't even know it. The line-up is different every show but horns, accordions, etc! ... more

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Track Name: Magazine
was a lifetime ago, bright and neon
flashy colors magazine clips
just a bunch of guys trying to
excite our lives on a big long trip
that moment you made it
you might create it
with that big hot fire you lit

you might think with everything to gain
youv got nothing to lose
if you put your picture in the papers
you just end up yesterdays news

you work so hard jelous of stars
getting out seems so very far
feels like a lifetime ago
but it is a part of who you are
you wont ever forget
in your head every single bar

you might think with everything you learned
youd get a clue
if you put your picture in the papers
you just end up ysterdays news

girl sent me a letter today
she said she picked up and learned to play
she told me six months ago that she had some things she wants to say

I said just gotta find your muse
but dont let those bastards confuse you
if you put your picture in the paper
you just end up yesterdays news
Track Name: Dont Follow Me
Im getting tired of all these lines
and gender roles I thought Id thrown away
when I switched teams but they still seem
to have followed me anyways
and I hope I can find someone who understands
me for me
Im getting lied to in gallery chatrooms
you wanna be proposed to well I dont want to
I dont want anyone to be on their knees
and I wand to fly, but you cant come for me
I dont like boys and I dont like girls
I like colors and watching them all twirl
I like writing my songs and writing my gods
right out of this life and out of this world
Track Name: Tourist
Get a real job the kid says from the road
take a good hard look at the highway you drove on
it might lead straight out of state but it leads
right on down to hell
your telling me all the things you see
but it just be just great to be
a traveling man as long as you can
have a home where you can land
these boys are fucking tourists man
you sing for everything you can
and they will stay with their girls and hotels
these boys are fucking tourists man
you sing up every crummy plan
to find a way to make this song grow up turn this trick your soul to sell
everyone needs your god damn help
and you walk around with just the wealth
of doing good for goodness sake
well sometimes its just not worth the weight
new years resolution "I stick to my guns"
dont make decisions that you dont want no one
finding out, or talking about
or the world will get together and shout
Track Name: Thanksgiving
what would you do
if the greatest person you know becomes
the greatest person you knew
what do you play
if the woman who gave you breath
no longer draws air to breath
well Ill tell you how you do it
and I think that you know it too
that if you know if your heart
she was there from the start
you can sing for her, and she can sing through you

when you were a young boy
your mother told you son
dont be a bad man, but you mightve played with guns
now your a rockstar, and as she turns to leave
she turns to you my son, for me do not regret, for me do not grieve
Track Name: Science
you can hear it like a whisper that cannot be hea
its impossible to ignore boy, youv got your work cut out
you gotta see it from their side, oh boy you are crazy
keep your head out of the clouds, why dont you just come down
keep your mouth shut, keep your head down
keep your faith around your kneck and your feet on the ground

Like they see science, you can hear voices too
like they prove themselves you can believe
like their reliance can serve a purpose
you serve a purpose too, because you believe

the smoke and fog it keeps getting thicker
this sick city just keeps on getting sicker and sicker
when everything you know goes out the window,
again and again
Track Name: Car Crash
I will not look to robert johnson
as a life I wanna lead
never knowing what iv done
or knowing where Iv been
I may lay down with fellow man
but I dont need to go to hell
I play my guitar for the road
any angel who rose or fell

Iv walked so many roads
I dont want to expire
those faded yellow lines
are golden gates into the fire
you walk into the pavement after years and years and years, I dont want a death on the road

dont want anyone to help me
I only want to help
Iv lived a life of makeshift beds
Ill play melodies in your head
I only have one request, that I will make of you
Mr. Johnson is just a legend, please dont make him true

I just want love, and a place to call home
cause singing songs dont help anyone when
your alone
and singing songs dont help anyone when
Im not close
singing songs dont help anyone or me the most

I just want the life that I felt I was owed before I sold my soul.