The Ballad Of The Undercrust

by Speaker For The Dead

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released June 6, 2014

album art

for "Ballad of The Undercrust" SFTD is:

Charlie- Accordion
Evah- Harp
Chan- Musical Saw
Alyssa- Clarinet, Piano
Colby- Accordion, Banjo
Kevin- Thunder Drum
Mark- Trombone
Alecks- Yelling, Good Looks
Nori- Yelling, Good Looks
Hunter- Uke
Shane- Acoustic Guitar
Laura- Electric Guitar (Lead)
Dylan- Trumpet
Cat- Trumpet
Mitch- Trumpet
Jack- Trumpet
Lydia- Trombone
Larry- Tuba
Taylor- Drumkit, Bass, Synth, Guitar (rhythm)
Greg- Guitar (crappy rhythm)

Produced by Taylor Goodman
Mixed by Taylor Goodman & Gregory McKillop
Mastered by Wes Meadows

drums, guitars, and lead vocals recorded by Taylor Goodman
lead horn lines recorded by Shane Hall
second horn lines recorded by Gregory McKillop
various other instruments recorded by friends or self recorded
*all tracks recorded in basements, barns and firehouses scattered across america



all rights reserved


Speaker For The Dead Worcester, Massachusetts

Big Queer and Allied Brasspunk Clusterfolk! We can't list all of our shows here but go to and follow some links to see where we are playing! Tour June 6th-July 4th!

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Track Name: Bruce Springsteen
In each state I have toured to, I have heard a story from someones grandparent out of nowhere, either in coffee shops, bars, the post office, or wherever. This is an amalgamation of all these stories turned into a caracature set to some random midi recording that a ghost posted on our dropbox. Hope you enjoy!
Track Name: Sounds Like A Protest
*This song is dedicated to dismantling all forms of racism, sexism, transphobia, and homophobia (both systematic and individually) in music scenes but most importantly dismantling those forms of oppression that exist with ourselves!

So you paid 15 bucks to get
(A) (D) (B)
into the show to see
seven bands that
(A) (D) (B)
nobody knows
you ever wonder where all that
(A) (D) (B)
money goes
well Ill tell ya, ill tell ya
(D) (B)
ill tell ya

It goes to companies bueracracies and those
bands you didn't even
come to see
they all need their gauruntees
so youll pay to play to get onstage
paid your dues played your tunes
with five white bands
and their all dudes
they all need to get their say
(A) (B)
so you pay to play to get onstage

its a classist, racist
(A) (D) (B)
music scene
tells us what were
(A) (D) (B)
supposed to see
homophobic, sexist
(A) (D) (B)
(B) (A)
reminds us who were supposed to be


I don't do it for the love of music
I do it for the hate of the industry
every privatized song
I do it because I am forced to walk a thin line
painted red in the middle of the road
and I can feel the walls close in on me
one wall covered with the blood of my friends
the other covered with sticky green dollar bills
to me it feels like one cannot exist without the other
and like in vintage pulp fiction movie
tan and yellow screenings tell me I
have to bleed myself dry for years
give up everything for nothing
until finally the day comes and the golden gates open for me
and then I am the warden
the others who struggled alongside now
giving up everything they own
for the nothing I have to give them
because even as I walk through those gates
I carry nothing with me, no weights, no emotional burdens gained
only paid dues, some imaginary class warfare
between those who have succesfully played the game
and those who have not
well I have found my way out of the maze
filled with green sticky walls
filled with dollar signs that seem like a foreign language to me
sometimes its hard living outside
the labrynth walls
not fearing the minatour anymore
not having a game to play
you need your own purpose with rules to hold us up
after sitting on crutches for so long
believing your legs to be broken since birth
sometimes its hard to run at first
but we will learn, and then
they will have to catch us

Don't support a music scene that doesn't support you an me!
Track Name: Punk Rock Did Not Save My Life
(C) (G) (A) (F) (G)
Punk rock didn't save my fucking life
I did you did
and oh my god damn parents did
but I never needed it
because I am a privilaged kid
(C) (G)
who never needed saving to begin with
(A) (F)
who never needed saving to begin with
(C) (G) (A) (F) (G)
(punk rock didn't save my fucking life)
and you might lie DIY until I die
but nobody does it alone
you might disguise
your songs about friendships
as songs that you sing when your
home in your room
bring your sweatshirts that say
"free food for everyone"
(A) (F)
that are never free for anyone
(they are actually $20 fucking bucks)
(C) (G) (A) (F)
(punk rock didn't save my fucking life)
And I wanna do my part
but I know its not my burden
helping people who are hurting
should never be a burden
Track Name: And The Ghost Said! (don't say able-ist things!)
I made a wish upon a pond
in southern california
a ghost popped out and then he said
Hey boy I gotta warn you
this pond aint made for fishing
its only made for wishing!
(G) (A)
so make your wish if you catch my drift
(B) (D)
because I am coming towards you!
And so I stopped to think my thoughts
if only for a minute
the whole damn lake mellowed out
and you could hear a cricket
I thought about my pain inside
and how it felt so blank
so I wished to return to
before my heart sank


You are not broken
and you cannot break
these are not the sounds
(D) (G)
that dead and dying people make
your not in a car crash
you didn't lose your legs
I know having your heart broken
(D) (G)
leaves you feeling kinda lame
(D) (C)
but your not, just in case you forgot
(G) (F) (C)
and you aught to know!

and so the ghost crossed his arms
in woeful disposition
he told me I had to change my
dissapointing disposition
and so i thought about my life
and how i got so forlorn
and so i wished my life return
to before I was born!

and now the ghost looked at me
and my mere mortal woes
he took me by my shoulders
and kissed me in my soul
now he was prince
no longer just a ghoul
and so he said, try your heart again
because you never know
Track Name: Worcester Song
If you're dead please raise your hand
we'll tell you what to do
and if you lived in Worcester please be sure
sure someones singing
somewhere for you
and if Massachusetts is a coffin***
than Worcester has the perfect
Funeral for you
So don't worry
cause after you're gone
I will go to every show
with all of your friends
as the list gets longer we will
only sing harder and harder
even if you can't hear us
even if your not listening
don't be afraid
ill hold your hand
cause I am stronger than saves the day

And if I had one dying wish
I would put on a show
so I could give back everything I owe
mend every sould
take back every song I turned into gold before
its weight takes its toll because
I know Im getting old

**** RIP Dom
Track Name: Saint Peter Part Two
I've lived a life
others only dream about
and when I died
they said your late to game
and there are papers that you can sign

to get in
you just have to admit
(C) (D) (E)
that everything I am and everything I did was and is meaningless
I gave it my all and I ran out of words
(C) (D) (E)
to come from my mouth so that I could learn to scream and shout.

I can do it myself, I don't need your help
(C) (D) (E)
if you give me your money Ill discard all the wealth
I can see the road your trying to sell
(C) (D) (E)
it might look like heaven but to me it smells just like hell.

Don't look at my heart out of the side of your eyes
dont look at my art out of the side of your mind
I thought we were friends I guess I was wrong
doesn't mean we werent friends
just means I was wrong.
Track Name: Fucking Folk
So you think your fuckin folk
well I don't think you know the ropes
(F) (G) (C)
you put some flannel on and you can sing the blues
(C) (F)
you think you know the sounds that the tracks make on the ground
(F) (G) (C)
well whens the last time last train last way to get around?
Michigan to kansas city
new york isnt always pretty
(F) (G) (C)
when you don't got a roof over your head
what would you know about the sound
of hunger without breaking down
(F) (G) (C)
what would you know about that anyhow?

So you think your fuckin folk
well I don't think you know the ropes
put some flannel on and you can sing the blues
overprivileged underwhelmed
racist classist dramatic selves
your homophobia dont sit with me well
it aint all rainbows and it all just blackflags
sometimes its just let live day to day
it aint all white knights on horses
sometimes its just going away
Track Name: The Troll
if I had a dime for every time
a man ran away because he was afraid
of romance

if I had the time to say stop
youv crossed the line
youv painted me a picture
youv written me a poem
youv sang me a song and it feels just like home
oh, romance

(Bb) (F) (Bb) (F) (Bb) (F) (Bb) (F)
than I would be a very very wealthy man

(Bb) (C) (C#) (Em) (F)

If I had a line on every kind
of fate that I could live or die
oh, romance

if there was a time i heard STOP
singing your songs, your singing them all wrong
we don't wanna sing along
oh, romance

than I would be a very very wealthy man

if I had a quarter or a knickel or a dime
for every lake I swam, or man I kissed
or every line
to every song
I ever wrote......

then I would be....

oh wait I am a very wealthy man!!!
Track Name: Songs So Sad
And I waited every single second of every minute for
you to come down those stairs
half expected you covered in rain to say
dont get on the last train to back bay station
and when the last train he comes and says
no other of my brothers are coming here for you

They said boy why don't you come down
with me and play the blues
youv got songs so sad they aint got soul
I said man, I can't even if you asked me to
I aint good enough to sing the blues

and I didn't think that we would waste anytime
with each other
I once met a man who lived on a bench
he said boy I think you've seen better days
don't got a home so I know the place

There's a devil on the train and he came for me.
Track Name: Always Ask Consent Before (Anything)...and the wyrm imperceptibly, nods.
(sorry folks, I have no idea how to chord out this song)

dont try to hide your lies
they crumble just like your lines
everybodys got cracks in beams
that make them crooks and seem
like they are stealing your life and your
possibilities but don't let them in
don't let them walk out of shop
with that theifs grin
like stealing pieces of you isnt a sin

This is just a badly drawn portrait
of a badly drawn soul
some architect did not take his time
when he sat at the drafting board

don't try to rely
on the souls of those who created you
just try to make yourself

Don't let them touch you,
with even just five fingers,
unless you want to.
Track Name: Contract
I cannot express
any way I feel, you are not the same
I only wanna sing about silly little things
to which you don't pertain

and I would sell my soul
if you show me the contract
(Dm) (Am)
would you sign for me?

this does not perplex
the rigid or the flex
my family does not expect the dreads to just reverse their necks
upon the countertops, are the demons I resurrect
but I digress

A is for abnormal
and why I write in keys
with minors thrown in fires
save the children please?
if your lyrics are the lullaby
your songs are just dream
I like to wake up in the middle
and continue on the scene

I guess I can express
anyway I feel
because though I signed no contract
my music skin is real
I might not work the magick and
the souls I might not steal
but I learned to work inside a box
and only for a meal
and though I walk these roads not knowing whats in store
Im not sweating this story
because I have been here before